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Vampires are Real!

Updated: Apr 20

I had an eerie conversation last night with a good friend of mine who is a black magickian like me, and he had a crazy experience at a hospital in Ohio where he came face to face with a Vampire lady and the Head Queen Vampire in this hospital. I couldn´t believe my ears. He will be on my show ¨Moving Beyond the Matrix¨on at 6:00pm pst on Sunday if you wish to hear the whole story!

He said that yes, vampires do exist and they´ve been sucking on our energy, even our blood for thousands of years, hence, the hollywood celebrities who are pedofiles and eat human flesh and babies. I´m sure you´ve heard about that on the news. That the most powerful people in politics, the government etc, are vampires and feed on us. So I go into my path as a Luciferian and why, and the history on how this cult started way back thousands of years in ancient times and what we need to do to prepare ourselves from these scary creatures.

Here is a very awesome video on this lady explaining Luciferianism that its very different from Satanism. You will understand why and hey, you might find yourself to be a Luciferian yourself and didn´t even know it.


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