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The Five Tibetan Rites Manifests Your Desires

Updated: May 1

I am going to share with you a very powerful ritual that got me out of a lot of crap! When life became stagnant for me and nothing was happening, I know only one ritual that will pull me out of this! I remember years ago I read this book that completely changed my life when I was 16 years old. The Modern Magick book by Donald Michael Kraig. Within those pages I discovered the Five Tibetan Rites. He stated that there are too many armchair magickians that would read many occult books but wouldn’t practice the rituals.

He also mentioned that when this rite is practiced daily it would enhance any Magickal operations. He was right. I noticed a big difference while performing ritual without doing the rites and would feel completely discouraged because the manifestations would not happen fast enough. But after a week of practicing this rite miracles would fall from the heavens so to speak!

The first thing you notice after performing this rite is your confidence is lifted immediately! All of your worries, self sabotage talk, negative thinking and emotions disappear! Replaced with a sense of empowerment you’ve haven’t felt in years. You feel like fifteen years younger and even look younger. This rite is also known as the fountain of youth. The fog finally clears, your eyesight improves and you see everything clearly! This is the feeling one needs to perform their Magick that will catapult their manifestations every time!

But sometimes we magickians forget after feeling so good for awhile, to continue doing the ritual. What happens if you don’t keep practicing? Well a major storm begins brewing its ugly head and you will experience a major backlash. All of a sudden everything that has been doing right for so long begins to spiral downward into a bottomless pit where it becomes harder to pull yourself out of. It’s like experiencing mercury on retrograde on steroids! Your health declines, nothing you do seems to work and whatever you try to manifest is on hold until you do the Five Tibetan Rites again. I’ve noticed that not much is shared regarding Magickal practices and this rite. They only mention it’s health benefits but nothing on a Magickal level.

In my book I share with you not only this powerful rite but also the other rituals you can utilize to manifest the thing you want by clicking on this link!

Or check out the printed version on Amazon Here

If you feel stuck, money is decreasing, your job is unfulfilling, clients stopped ordering from you, your health is worse than ever, your energy is declining and your just plane bored with no Magick in your life! Then this book will change that!

Here is a video of the five Tibetan rites! You don’t have to go as fast as this guy! Take your time. Start with five repetitions and work your way up.

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May 05

Hi, Druanna! I own both Sovereign Magick and Manifestation Magick For The New Earth. Yes, The Five Tibetans are a wonderful simple exercise to perform to get the body limber and ready for the day along with its many benefits. If you haven't already, pick up a copy of The Secret Of The Five Rites written by John Michael Greer and published in 2023. He wrote a forward in Modern Magick. In the book he goes into even more depth on the origin of the Five Tibetan Rites and the book The Eye Of Revelation by the same author of The 5 Tibetans. It is a fascinating read and reveals how the rites were originally a form of inner alchemy…

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