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Sovereign Magick Ebook & Printed Version

Within you is a powerful Magickian that can change your reality through your thoughts, words, and emotions. You can create whatever it is you wish. In Sovereign Magick, author Dr. Druanna Johnston shows you how by providing information to help you unlock your hidden manifestation ability. While sharing her life experiences as a solitary practitioner with 30 years experience, as a natural clairvoyant, psychic empath, & healer, Druanna gives insight into using tools such as:

* The Tarot to foretell your future

*Do powerful ancient Spell work

*The Power of Scrying, to enhance your clairvoyant abilities and communicate with your guides,

*Learn the mystical significance of Numerology to predict your destiny

*Use the power of sound to Raise your Vibration and Frequency

*What foods to avoid to enhance your psychic ability

*Create sacred space to protect yourself from psychic attacks and to enhance your magickal power

*Create your own talismans, to obtain anything you desire

*Amulets to ward off dark forces and illnesses

*Create powerful sigils of your own to inscribe into your candles, or on paper, even on your amulets or talismans

*Learn to perform High Magickal rituals to empower your spells, sigils and seal.

*Included is a helpful correspondence list for each tarot card to guide you with your magickal operations.

Dr. Druanna Johnston is an Ordained Minister of the University of Metaphysics, Dr of Divinity and Metaphysical Science, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Canfield Trainer, Quantum Healing Hypnotherapist, Past life Regressionist, Natural Clairvoyant, Tarot reader for 30 years, Initiate of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn for 26 years, lineage of Israel Regardie, Founder of her own Temple Hermetic Order of Thoth and Isis in Cancun Mexico.

Dr. Druanna Johnston has traveled the world in search of her true higherself. After her experience in Cairo Egypt in 2017 while visiting the pyramid of Giza, she felt a powerful connection to one of her past lives. This left her emotionally distraught and confused. She felt the separation of who she was, a fully conscious being to being a soul trapped into this body of limitation. According to Druanna ¨We all fell into an amnesia state not knowing what our true purpose is on earth. After this memorable experience, a very powerful message was revealed to her, to continue to walk her path to illumination and light up all of the souls on this earth who are ready to return to their True Self and follow the Great Work.

You can grab the Printed version off of Amazon here

Or Ebook here


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