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Luciferians Strive to be better versions of themselves

Updated: Apr 8

As a Luciferian, it is very important to bring your body into balance. This is the sacred temple that gets us through this life, and we should strive for good physical health such as going to the gym weekly, Martial arts, or Yoga which is my favorite. Unlike some other Satanist groups that focus on self indulgence, we as luciferians don´t mind the indulgence part once in a while, but we realize that alone doesn´t bring you happiness. We instead have a passion and obsession for more knowledge, wisdom, reading good sacred books to better ourselves. The more knowledgeable we have the less ignorant we become. But one can only live in the mind too much which can cause imbalance and fanaticism. That is why good physical exercise is highly needed.

After having my chai tea in the morning, I start my yoga practice immediately. I put on some good indian flute music tunes and I´m ready to rock for at least 30 to 45 minutes. It´s amazing what this daily practice can do. Yoga to me not only focuses on the physical body, it also focuses on the spiritual, emotional bodies as well to keep you in balance. It even opens up your heart where you become a more compassionate being and it removes too much egotism of having to be right all of the time. Instead you are able to see from your heart rather than from your head.


After a good Yoga practice or Gym practice, I perform 5 powerful Rites known as the Tibetan rites! This energizes the chakra points and activates them. When you perform these rites daily, you will notice you become a magnet manifester to the things you desire fast! It really enhances your manifestation abililities which is very needed when performing ritual work. All of the things you´ve been struggling with no longer are there because you are now in alignment with your higherself. There is a story of a man who was in his 70s, who went to the Himalayan mountains for his quest for the Fountain of Youth. He found it by living among the tibetan monks living there for a few years. He came back to visit a friend and his friend did not recognize him at all. He saw a young man in his 40s, instead of his old friend. When the 40 year old man explained it was him, his friend was shocked!

I discovered the Tibetan rites when I read the book by Donald Michael Kraig´s Modern Magick when I was 17 years old. That book totally changed my life. I not only learned and started practicing high magick I also performed this ritual daily with phenomenal results! This will increase your stamina, sex drive, energy to where you feel like you´re 15 years old! I kid you not! I say give it a try for a few days and see how you feel.

I also explain these rites in my book ¨Druanna´s Manifestation Formula¨ & share some other powerful rituals for enhance your magickal power.

I found this Book by Michael Ford to be very educational on Yoga and Luciferian Magick.


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