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Lucifer is NOT Satan!

Did you know that Lucifer is NOT Satan? That the Church mixed the two together of Lucifer and Satan as being the same thing? Did you know that Lucifer was never even in the bible? Lucifer was the entity of the Light, Truth, Enlightenment and Knowledge, Gnosis which was very similar as Jesus Christ! Satan on the other hand fit more of the same archetype as God or Yahweh who wanted worshippers and obedience of the humans. Every negative thing you think Satan represents, actually fits Yawheh the Christian or Jewish God. In this video Morgue explains everything using his interpretation of sacred text of who Lucifer truly was. This is going to blow your mind. This is why I call myself a Luciferian which really is a philosophy to own the power within through knowledge and illumination.

Also in this video below Morgue mentions that through his research that Lucifer and Jesus Christ are the same entity!


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