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How Lucifer and Jesus are seen as the Morning star!

Updated: Apr 20

I read an interesting article pertaining to exactly this. It explains who Lucifer was according to Greek Mythology before Judeo Christianity ever added him to the bible. The proof is all there so if you are feeling a little akward working with Lucifer due to the mind programming of other abrahmic religions, this will make you feel at ease. I completely understand coming from a Roman Catholic background myself we had Lucifer and Satan beaten into our heads to fear these entities who had the power to challenge the God of the Torah.


According to Morge, could Jesus be the same as Lucifer? Its very interesting for they both have very similar characteristics. They both fought against Yawheh an evil vengeful God wanting adoration and worship for all eternity. His videos are very knowledgeable and informative. Morges mission is to awaken the sheep from the religious programming.


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