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Black Magickian´s Strange encounter with a Real Vampire & Werewolf in Ohio!

I interview a black magickian named William Miller who had a strange encounter with a real Vampire from a spooky hospital in Ohio. This will send chills down your spine. This was no wanna be vampire either. He also shares his experience with a real Werewolf! I serioulsy couldn´t believe my ears after hearing his story. This will completely change your mind on what is real and what isn´t. This is not just from Hollywood, these creatures truly walk amongst us and it´s a good idea to prepare yourself. I think they are showing themselves even more out into the public now. Hey they even run our country believe it or not! Thanks to his connections with Demons he was able to protect himself!

Contact William at

Here is our last nights podcast. Get prepared because this is some scary stuff!

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