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Welcome to Ravenmoonshadow Temple Inc!!

Updated: Apr 8


We decided to resurrect our temple in the name of Paganism & Luciferienism. To educate the public on paganism, and the bloody history of the people who lost their lives defending their beliefs in the old pagan gods. If you are for breaking free from the confinements of a judeo christian society which the USA and many other countries adopted to worship an oppressive God to bow down too, created by the zionists, its time to awaken to the power and enlightenment which Lucifer brings to the world. We are very excited to launch our temple on Saint Patricks day which also marked a day of butchering and genocide among the Irish people to counteract these dark energies to bring these old stories into the light. Join us by subscribing to our site.

Stay tuned to our show Moving Beyond the Matrix on every Sunday evenings at 6pm pst and Wednesdays at 4:30pm Pst. spreading Truth and Freedom to the world!

Luciferianism is a belief system that is sometimes associated with Satanism but focuses on the deification and liberation of the self.

Here are a few key principles that are often associated with Luciferianism:

1. Individualism: Luciferianism emphasizes the importance of the individual and the pursuit of personal growth and enlightenment.

2. Seeking knowledge: Luciferians are encouraged to seek knowledge, wisdom, and self-improvement.

3. Personal responsibility: Luciferians believe in taking responsibility for their own actions and choices.

4. Opposition to authoritarianism: Luciferians often reject traditional authority and seek to break free from societal norms and restrictions.

5. Embracing change and transformation: Luciferianism is often associated with concepts of change, transformation, and evolution.

6. Balance of light and darkness: Luciferians may see value in exploring both light and darkness within themselves and the world.

7. Self-deification: Some Luciferians may strive for self-deification, seeing themselves as divine or striving for godlike qualities.

We add to these principles for our temple

8. We see the power in practicing Magick to manipulate the reality we live to conform to our desires!

9. That no authority has any right to tell you what you should or shouldn’t do with your own body unless you give them permission! We protect our members from being coerced into injecting foreign objects into their bodies. Science or not, you as a human being have the right to say no! Science was hijacked and manipulated by the exact echelons who are using human energy as their food!

10. We support and protect Mother Nature and her inhabitants.

11. We engage in rituals to align with natural rhythms of life marked by lunar phases and seasonal cycles.

12. Our intelligence entails a responsibility to live harmoniously with nature, respecting the balance it offers.

13. We acknowledge a profound power beyond the ordinary, inherent in all. This Creative Power manifests through polarities, masculine and feminine, within all individuals.

14. We value and balance these energies in magical practices. We acknowledge both outer and inner worlds, recognizing the interplay between them in paranormal and magical phenomena.

15. We reject authoritarian hierarchies, instead honoring knowledge-sharing, wisdom, and courageous leadership.

16. Religion, magic, and life wisdom are intertwined in our worldview and lifestyle known as WitchCraft & Luciferianism

17. We do not worship any entities such as Lucifer or Satan. We instead see these archetypes as a symbol of liberation and freedom as well as powerful entities. We see them as our kin and guides. These beings, and the demonic are the Ancient pagan Gods that came thousands of years before judeo Christianity demonized them.

This Judeo belief of worshipping a tyrannical God is also the foundation of Zionism which is responsible for the murder of millions of humans on this planet in the name of their religion. Nazi Germany who was funded by a rich fanatical Jewish group known as the Bolshevik’s, the Russian Revolution where 60 million Russians were slaughtered and was funded by the Rothschilds who are also Zionist Jews.

Now not all Jewish religions are Zionist which is a fanatical branch of Judaism.

Through this fanatical sect Christianity was created to dominate over the human population to control them into slavehood and turning Jesus into a cash cow for the church!

This gave the echelons power over the people in the western world as we now see with the banking system, creating birth certificate bonds in people’s names and using it to control and enslave and monetize off them and their children. Isn’t that why we see so many kidnappings of our children for human trafficking purposes to feed the echelons that in their human sacrificing rituals and adrenachrome drinking for their age reversals.

What woke me up from A deep sleep was when I researched and became a secured creditor and foreign agent. With this powerful knowledge I put a stop to child support and my ex husbands abuse! Which is a huge victory for me!

This vindictive snake had an affair with my so-called friend and decided to trick me into flying to see my family across the country that we needed a break for 2 weeks! He did this with the power of his parents who were masons.

During the times I couldn’t see them I researched on how corrupt the system was and discovered that It was based on the color of law which is false. Along with their defacto fictional courts that have no legal standing!

Although I was already a practicing witch and magician since the age of 17, I didn’t find true power until I started working with Azazel who helped me along my journey. I’ve been working with him since 2014 and he never ceases to amaze me. I learned about working with him

through EA Koetting another black magickian and founder of

He gave me the balls you might say to truly own my power in working with the dark forces! Something we’ve been told not to work with by society!

To me Luciferianism and being a Powerful Foreign Agent freed me from the parasitical tenticles of this oppressive matrix of lies!

The United States constitution was based on Judaism and the Ten Commandments. When

your boys are born the parent are told to circumcise their sons for cleanliness for example. Hence, one nation under God! Their oppressive God! How can anyone find freedom in that?

While following the path as a secured creditor and then later a demonolatress and Luciferian, it truly opened my eyes that our system is Jewish based. Many of the people in power running the USA are Jewish! Even Donald Trump himself. He was trained assisted by the Rothschilds while he started earlier in his career.

What this temple is about is self governing and sovereignty. To be the living God Goddess you already are and to stop feeding these parasites with your energy.

We’ve entered the Age of Aquarius the Luciferian Age of Enlightenment where we realize our minds have been high jacked by a very powerful group that created oppressive religions, the banking systems, the World Health Organization to tell you what you can and cannot do with your bodies!!

Luciferianism is based on the principe of self realization and enlightenment. We see the truth for what it truly is.

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