Past life regression  

Akashic Quantum Healing Hypnosis

We already have a magical genie known as the Super Conscious mind that is there, ready for you to ask for what you desire! The issue is the conscious mind is confused due to the constant bombardment by the outside external world of constant subliminal programming which enters the subconscious mind while walking on autopilot. So therefore we as a species become easily suggestible to the beliefs that are being thrown at us. Believing that everything that was taught to us since childhood, on the media, from our teachers, our authority figures, the celebrities are all considered truth. Hypnosis helps to reprogram the subconscious mind so that the conscious will begin to move forward acting towards what its purpose or desires are.

The problem is many of us get distracted nowadays of what is on our phones, through social media, youtube, and other internet platforms that we lose ourselves into a hypnotic trance by giving our power over to others. Instead of conserving our own energy and focus onto our passions and our goals, we then begin to lose our drive and motivation and become comfortable with the status quo which is our conscious mind. The Conscious mind wants us to be comfortable, to remain stagnant and stay where we´re at, but the superconscious mind, our magical genie pushes us to evolve and change, and when we don´t we feel the resistance within our emotions, our bodies, and soon illness becomes present. 

Dr Druanna Johnston has her own style in using the power techniques from QHHT and combine it with Akashic Healing Hypnosis where you are in a lighter form of Theta and do not have to go way into Sonambulistic state to channel your I AM, or view your past lives. Many clients who do the QHHT cannot move into the Sonambulistic state and are not successful in connecting with their I AM presence. Not with Akashic Quantum Healing Hypnosis. It is 99 percent guaranteed to successfully move into the experience of connecting with the I AM, your ascended masters, Angels, and receive all of the answers you need to hear. You will also be able to allow your Superconscious mind to heal your entire body.


Do you want to connect with your past lives? Heal from an ailment, disease, from this life or past life? Do you have many questions you wish to ask your Superconscious mind also known as your magical genie? Then this is the session for you. Trained by Dolores Cannon herself Dr Druanna Johnston can help you to heal from the pain you've carried from this life or many other past lives, and to find the true purpose of your life. With this method you will communicate with your Ascended Masters, and go to the Akashic Library to review your Past lives, and enter the Healing chamber with your guides. You will be in a Theta State, Not in such a deep state as Sonambulistic like the QHHT. This Hypnosis can last up to 2 and half hours. This session is recorded on Zoom and you will receive the link to download this session after you are finished. 

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