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Happy Solar Eclipse Day & Spell Work Today

Updated: Apr 16

Here is our latest show on the Solar Eclipse! New moon in Aries  marks the time of new beginnings and fresh starts!

I explain what I think is to happen during this magickal time. This is the time for new beginnings and fresh starts. To start a project, business, a whole new chapter in your life that you are passioniate about. With the firey energy in Aries moon you should expect alot of powerful momentum with the next three days, as its a very active. But please be cautious as things started during this time, may not last that long. If you are wanting to cast a spell for love and romance, I´d wait on that until the Taurus moon.


What spell to do during this Solar Eclipse.

Write all of you intentions or intention on a piece of paper, and draw a sigil of the entitiy you are working with. Put a dab of blood on the sigil, if you are working with a demon, and say over and over again the Enns of that entity until you move into a trance state. You can light a candle with the preferred color of the demon you are invoking. Once you feel satisifed, burn the piece of paper in the Cauldron and release with gratitude and thanks that your petition has been answered!

Thats It! Enjoy!



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