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Great Job! New Money Opportunity!

Updated: Apr 26

Congratulations! You’ve completed a cycle and some of you have been rewarded for a job well done, success and new beginnings! I am seeing a job or money making opportunity coming up for you soon!

You may hear good news so listen closely!

There is a major breakthrough coming your way and you’ll be able to see things clearly after feeling completely restricted for some time! Also Mercury in Retrograde has ended yesterday which means the end of major delays, miscommunication and technical difficulties! How exciting!

I see an alliance with Conjunction forming to support your vision! You will be receiving help from others who are on your level! Good idea to seek those who you can collaborate with! As for Pluto there is a major rebirth happening! You are going through a major transformation and it’s time to let the old ways of thinking go! This is going to be a great opportunity to create something brand new! Even reinvent yourself! Many nasty memories may come up during this time! You need to release them and heal from the past and let them go now so you can grow and expand! Mars says to take action now and go after your visions and the things that you want! No time to sit on the sidelines waiting for things to happen for you! It’s your chance to make them happen! Of course think of the consequences first before moving forward and always stay in the drivers seat!

This is your chance to kick ass!

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May the cards guide you onto a brighter future!

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