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September 2nd 2021

I will say this from my heart. The year 2020 has been such an eye opening year for all of us, especially during this crazy pandemic. This also woke me up to the people I was partnering with at the time.  I´ve worked with a lot of lying kaniving, deceitful people on this journey who used my popularity as a Youtube artist for their personal gain. After I parted from the so called ¨Inner Circle¨ ran by a major con artist, I listened to my inner discernment and realised he was not who he seemed to be. I wont go into this part much to complain name or shame this individual. He was the catalyst for my true awakening which I am grateful for. This poor soul is very lost and lives his life to run away from his own shadows. Just like another mentor I worked with known as Jaguar. He faced serious charges where he lost his Canadian passport due to tax evasion and child support. 

Now I have said this from the beginning, if you have a company using federal reserve notes, it´s their fiat notes and they have every right to tax you on their currency. I hate to say it. I never was one of those who tried to escape the Irs from paying taxes. For instance many of these people are against the government for example, and against paying taxes, yet they are using their fiat money? So I tell them, if you want our services and you are uncomfortable in paying in fiat, then pay in crypto. But I hear so many excuses of why they haven´t learned to use crypto, bitcoin, which are assets according to the IRS and are tax exempt. Wouldn´t it make sense to do so? Now I am not against paying taxes, because with taxes, when used correctly it helps the community to function for the population. You want nicer roads, healthcare, cleaner beaches, water, air, grocery stores to provide you food, convenient stores to bring you their services, welfare, loans, transportation to get you to where you need to go, etc. So I am not against paying taxes or contributing to society when needed. Many people do not realize they´ve agreed to all of this with their acquiesense. If you do not agree with a country or society, move out of there, or create something new. Stop fighting against because the saying goes, what you resist will persist you!


 There are ways to get out of paying taxes LEGALLY for instance. Usually with a good accountant, they can help you out of having to pay a crap load of taxes as a business owner by using tax deductions from receipts and from what is shown on your bank statements. My brother for instance owns a Company with 120 employees, and after speaking with his accountant, he brought the percentage down from 20 to 5 percent on what he would pay! Much better than someone with a company in Mexico. There is always a way out of paying too much taxes of course. One method that many of the elites use is to create an Irrevocable International Trust and have someone else be the trustee over your Trust. Perfectly legal, but you would have to give your companies, and assets to the Trust where you do not own anything. Like what the Rockafellers say ¨Own nothing control everything¨.


 Another option is to buy assets like the rich do, such as houses, crypto, art, antiques, boats, whatever appreciates in value through time, and then live off of borrowed money. This is what Robert Kiyosaki stated in one of his videos, ¨I live on Borrowed Money, Or I live on Debt!¨


That is why the Wealthy do not pay taxes legally because they live off of borrowed money which is not taxed! The moment they make capital and use those fiat dollars, they can be taxed. This is why they put a lot of emphasis on purchasing many assets to borrow against so they pay zero in taxes. Just owning a house is already a write off on paying taxes because it is an asset. Now the house becomes a liability if you live in it. Instead you purchase real estate to create revenue, such as your air b and b, and renters, you can now make your homes work for you rather you working for it as a slave.  Pretty exciting right? And you do not have any waves with the Irs, the government, or your bank, and you can raise your credit rating or your business credit rating to give you the freedom you desire. It´s the proper education that is needed to create a wealthy lifestyle and being smart with it. Allowing your money to work for you. I suggest you start watching Robert Kioyasaki author of Rich Dad Poor Dad! He has so many great tips and now he is super bullish on investing on Bitcoin another powerful asset that can bring you great returns and is tax free!

Now going back to the private side. Yes I do use the private side and have found ways to operate as a diplomat to protect my rights as an indigenous of the land, and to protect myself from corrupt agencies, and a jealous ex. That led me to the path of learning more about being a Secure Creditor to protect the Person also known as the Corporation, or Artificial Entity, and establish other corporations and a private trust to protect the person from creditors, lawsuits, judgements, against the franchise name or person. To protect those who have been wronged by certain foreign agencies who try to step all over the living being using their power and force to do so. This path is not for everyone though, only a small few. We don´t use this path to get away from our obligations if we know we are in the wrong in any way. This is why I am still standing and never went to Federal Prison because I am not that stupid. The moment I receive something in the mail coming from any agency I handle it immediately. I always stand up to my challenges no matter what they may be. 


The great news is from this situation I learned so much about myself as an individual, and undergone a lot of self reflection. Asking questions on, who am I? What am I seriously here to do? What is my focus now? 


What I´ve learned from this was I gave my power away to these parasites, people who were real criminals manipulating me to act on their behalf to promote their fraud so they can cash in. They made themselves sound like they had all of the answers, and yet their living condition was not very attractive! They were moochers, sucking off of my light for their own gain! These people called themselves sovereigns, secure creditors, wanna be private bankers, who had a remedy on how to get out of paying debt issues, Taxes, things that a poor person would only think of. I believe that there are intentional plants created by possibly the CIA as an experiment to see how the human population will react with this knowledge. That is why it was allowed out on the internet in the first place.


When someone is wealthy and living their dreams trying to get out of debt would be far from their mind. I was attracting many who had heavy debt such as those who owed thousands, millions of dollars in taxes, people with major felony charges, and wanting me to help correct their status. Working with many people trying to get away from their obligations and abusing the work I offered for their own criminal acts is not my mission on this planet. Yes many innocent people have been wronged, through out the ages, but if they were educated to create a wealthy existence their views would change completely because they already see the amazing opportunities in front of them. Unfortunately many of our families were not that educated, even if they bought homes, maxed out their credit cards and having to work paycheck to paycheck or work a self employed business trading their time for the fiat money, working 40 hours a week or more,  will always keep them in their debt system. This is due to the education system created by the elite to keep their sheep down, ignorant which is 90 percent of the population.


The reason why many of these people were attracted to my work was because I stood for Justice against the people. What got me started on this journey was that I won a case against my first ex when he wanted child support from me, after stealing my 2 oldest kids years ago. At first he had all of the support from his parents (who are dead now), and they were Freemasons. He had the lawyer from his family to back him up. So I was at a loss at that time due to the lack of knowledge I had with legal work and not having the funds to fight him. Because of this I got heavily into the sovereign world and learned a lot of great things, to protect me and my family from corruption, ways to eliminate debt issues and learning your name is an artificial corporation. It had some great points and I learned a lot, and helped many people along the way to handle issues to do with injustice. It also helped me to defend myself outside of the court and win this case against my first ex! It took me three years to do this on my own. I hired an attorney and she failed. I took this into my own hands and became victorious. If it weren´t for this knowledge I learned from the Secure creditor groups I´d be in a lot of trouble. 


I was living in the darkness for too many years because of my bitterness against the legal system. I wanted nothing to do with the banks credit system, anything to do with their system. I just wanted to live freely and be left alone and not buy into their glittering toys.


I finally realised  I created this reality for myself of always having to fight against something, and having a chip on my shoulder ready to attack anyone who would try to hurt me because of the pain I suffered with having my oldest 2 kids taken from me when I was 28 years old due to a cheating spouse. I was a house wife, and he had all of the power over me. This was a super traumatic and challenging time for me but I always knew there was a higher order to all of this, and I had to remain patient, and just trust in myself and the universe that one day I will be shown why I had to go through all of this.


 One month ago a good friend known as Croc came back into my life who was apart of the Administrative Council of 12 from eleven years ago. We were a group ran by Jaguar,  who would mastermind on how to manuever on the private side. Croc was my bonds guy whom I´ve met personally in Las Vegas back in 2010. He introduced me to his good friend and financial advisor, Ken whom he´s known for 30 years educating others on wealth creation. He´s been assisting those with credit repair, building credit lines, loans, and funding small and big projects to help those in need using their own fico scores, or their own collateral to get real funding. Educating people on how they can use their money to work for them rather than being a slave for money. This is what we were not taught in school. So far Ken and his financial group has exceeded our expectations and has paid us handsomely with this new type of work! He is a real private banker and licensed and assists our students and clients to true legal financial freedom! Ashe to that! Nothing shady with this group at all I can tell you that!


I am so blown away because I asked the Universe please, connect me with someone who is REAL! Someone who can help us get funding and not bs us about pulling money out of our birth certificate bonds lol Too many people chasing after a pipe dream and going to federal prison for years. I´ve personally met these individuals, Winston Shrout, the Creditors in Commerce crew, all ended up in jail for defrauding the government by filling in 1099s to get their tax money back from the IRS. Then being arrested shortly after. Its a strategy they use to to capture those who are trying to pull their fiat money out of their system. This is something I always warned my students about. 


Ken got us to see a more positive side to working with the banks, that would benefit all parties. Something that was kept in secret from the Elite, but was done for a reason. Because of this amazing education I am now working towards becoming a real licensed private banker which may happen in the early next year. To help those who have a vision to make their dreams come true having their money work for them. I now trade Crypto on the side to build up on my assets as well because it is the future which every one needs to learn. 


Because of this amazing shift and light this man has brought us we´ve decided to Incorporate Ravenmoonshadow Temple because seriously we are so busy with so much work coming from all over the world not just the United states. We are helping so many people globally to achieve success, greatness in their lives and leave legacies to their families and the next generation. We have completely turned the boat around from focusing on debt issues and crisis, to uplifting our members with Spiritual education, Transformation work with the Success Principles, using the power of the mind to create miracles in ones life, and using the power of thought, words, and visions.


We partnered with Streamlined Consulting Services to help with the funding process, and creating the appropriate Trusts to protect their funds from the inevitable such as possible seizures, confiscation, lawsuits, other creditors, jealous exes, envious people for example. 


There is so much opportunity out there and so many amazing souls we can touch one at a time to help them to create their dreams. With our wealth and contributions from others we want to give back to our communities to help the whole!

Please watch this amazing presentation done by ¨Streamlined Consulting Services¨ go to Private Funding