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Here are the times Hi folks for the Private Banker meetings please read below:

the meetings 7pm ET for the Webinars Presented by ¨Streamlined Consulting Services¨ to learn more about the Funding Opportunities. If you are new, start with the evening Presentations-

Monday through Friday only!

If you are ready to sign up and become a member and get PAID Click on the link below! Make sure you let the know Druanna Wails is your sponsor. Then Email Isabelle Parker here

For the Affiliate Program


Urgent! For those who want to sign up for the affiliate program please contact both addresses here

Get on the Affiliate calls 12:30pm ET here 

Monday through Friday only!


Subject: Affiliate 

If you are signing under Druanna, please sign up first, then whoever you bring in, please let Shan or Isabelle know they are under you. 


Put on subject ¨An Appointment with Ken please¨

Shan Roz Intake Specialist and Cc