Transformation Creation Workshop w Success Principles

Break free from all negative beliefs and watch your world Shift before your eyes!



In this powerful workshop you will discover your hidden passions, desires, as well as learning how to break down all negative beliefs, that keep you stuck in the old way of thinking which keeps you trapped. By participating with other classmates with these powerful mind exercises, your old beliefs will shift into brand new beliefs which will help you to achieve your highest goals, you never thought possible!!! We not only share our stories, we get you all involved in real time doing the exercises together. We meet in person Live on Zoom. 

On the Last day we will be sharing powerful info on investing in Crypto to help build your wealth. 


50 seats available!

February 26th and 27th

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Price $650 usd

Bring a Partner or Friend 


2 Day Event 12pm est to 6pm est

Live Stream via Zoom

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Ravenmoonshadow Temple


February 26th E+R = O

This is the beginning of the Transformation Success principles training. This goes into changing your mind and behavior from Debtor slave to a King, Queen, Creator mind set. These teachings were taught to me by Jack Canfield Train the Trainer who is the Author of the Chicken Soup for the Souls books. These principles will help you to be successful in all areas of your life 


-Hand Grow- Sky Scraper

- Transformation Work (Neuro Science)

Darren will take you on a journey into neuroscience and how to take control of the power of the mind using suggestions affirmations etc. We will do an exercise that will blow your mind, to prove that reality is NOT SOLID! That you have the power to change each circumstance in your life.

-NLP to Remove toxic emotions holding you back such as guilt, anger, trauma. With these emotions

and memories these can keep you from moving forward allowing more room for creativity in your life. Instead many of us get stuck in the past and giving up. With this technique you will get rid of the aweful load youve been carrying and feel amazing again!


-Removing Toxic Memories with the Memory Swipe technique

-Discover your Lifes Purpose and Passion by doing the Passion test

-We will get into Goal Setting and Magickal Journaling to help you to achieve your desires

February 27th

We will be going deeper into some fun NLP and Hypnosis Exercises to manifest clearly what you want.

First Dimension- I speak it into Existence

Second Dimension I see it into Existence

Third Dimension, I feel it into existence

Fourth Dimenion I Am the thing I want 



-The Power of FEEDBACK

-The Power of Focus and Goal Setting

-Kineseology work

-Crypto Basics- We show you which coins to invest in how to borrow against your coins, and build your crypto wealth. 

-Come as you will be in 5 years from now Cocktail Party!