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Be the Magickian you were born to be!
Online Event via Zoom on October 29th - 30th 10:00am - 4pm EST

We now have 8 seats left to sign up by October 20th the deadline!

Are you stuck?

Afraid to take the next step?

Fear of failure?

Afraid of what others think of you?

Feeling no matter what you do nothing seems to work!
Tired of living in a hampster wheel?

Are you in a dead end job?

Living a sabotaged life?

Do you want to improve your self esteem and confidence?

Increase your money?

Move up the corporate ladder in a higher position?

Allow lucrative opportunities to come into your life?

Meet your soulmate?

Release the past that has held you back?

Are you ready to make a huge impact on your life?

Be the best version of yourself?


Urgent! For the Elegance of Excellence Event, that was suppose to take place on Oct 22 and 23rd we are postponing the program until the 29th and 30th. Our good friend Nick aka Worldly Traveler was died in his apartment in Colombia yesterday Oct 10th. We don’t know how he died. I’ve decided to postpone it so I can get my head straight after this. My heart is broken! He was our student and a good friend to us.

I also decided to bring the price down to $550 instead of $997. He believed in this Transformation work and he stated before ¨It was because of this training it helped him make millionaire status in the Crypto Industry by letting go of his fear of resistence to money.¨


I wasn’t supposed to say this while he was alive because he didn’t want people to know that about him. He had fears and negative beliefs about money which this training helped him with. He was very humble good hearted and always helped folks with his time. Nick will be missed. We don´t do this work to make fortunes, we do this work because we love seeing our students faces when they finally release themselves from the heavy weight holding them back and realising they can achieve greatness just as we did with Nick. That to us is priceless. Shortly after the training in 2021 Nick made Crypto Millionaire status and he attributed this Work to his success.

Now we are more passionate then ever before to do what Nick told us to  ¨Keep going & don´t ever stop¨. We will continue to inspire others and change their lives for the better to be the best versions of themselves and live their life like its their last. 

A photo of us together in Cancun during the Training 2019.


Elegance of Excellence Workshop Syllabus

Please make sure you have a partner to sign up with you which you will need to do these exercises with. 
October 29th-30th 2022 Two Day Weekend  Online Only

$550 (Valued at $3000 & more for the training)


Darren And I will be conducting a Powerful Online Live Workshop via Zoom.  


As a Certified Canfield Trainer (Type in Druanna) taught by Jack Canfield himself, the Author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books and featured in the Movie the Secret, I studied for 2 years! We will be using these powerful techniques of Transformation to shift your mindset for SUCCESS along with sharing our own experiences and techniques we learned from our the Mystery Schools we were apart of (The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn) and Founder and Imperatrix of the Mystical Order of Isis & Thoth (a Magickal Order), Druanna´s lineage comes from Israel Regardie and the EOGD. You already have a powerful asset which is your MIND, and the SUBCONSCIOUS which can help shape your reality. You have the power to Succeed or Fail due to your beliefs and what you´ve been putting your focus on! 

These powerful Principles have been taught by Millionaire like Clement Stone, Napolean Hill, and other Multimillionaires on how to start thinking like a Millionaire and stop thinking like a Victim. Since we utilised these teachings, we´ve traveled the world. We reached our Goals in doing so!

How did we do it? Go from living in USA, UK, to living in various parts of the world and working from home doing what we love? It takes Balls, Motivation, and CONFIDENCE, CERTAINTY, and BELIEF IN YOURSELF and the Universe will support your VISION. This is How we did it, and are still doing it! We can show you how to live the life of your Dreams no matter what it is!

Contact Druanna at for more info 

In this program we will be doing various transformation exercises, Meditation, NLP work, and Hypnosis (Those who are not comfortable with hypnosis can opt out)

Each Student will receive a Certificate of Achievement where they´ll be able to train others. 

Be apart of our VIP Forum and meet other students to work with.

October 22nd 10 am to 4pm est This is White Magick Day

Take 100 percent Responsibility

You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself. 

-Jim Rohn

America´s foremost business philosopher

In this session we show you how to take your power back. That you are the center of your world. Everything that happens to us COMES FROM US! Once we understand this, we are no longer powerless can take full charge of our lives. Whenever we believe something outside of us is greater than you, we then become powerless to change our circumstances. After this workshop you will know you always have 100 percent control of your world and you are so going to love these powerful exercises that is going to shift your awareness completely. It is a good idea to bring a partner with you, or you will need to partner up with someone in the class. 

Be Clear Why You Are Here

Decide upon your definite purpose in life and then organize all your activities around it. 

-Brian Tracy

One of America´s leading authorities on the development of human potential and personal effectiviness

Life tends to drag us in so many directions especially through distractions of daily living that we tend to forget what our purpose is. Or we try to make others happy and live their dreams rather than our own. In this session we show you how to get more clear on your life´s purpose, your goals, your passions, what makes your heart sing! We clear out the cobwebs of your beliefs and get to the nitty gritty so you can take off like a bird on the path you were meant for!


Decide What You Want

The indispensable first step to getting the things you want out of life is this: Decide what you want. 

-Ben Stein

Actor and Author

It is time to focus on the things you truly want out of life! What gets you fired up! Inspite of what others want from you. This is all about YOU and NO ONE ELSE! You realize in this class that only YOU matter! Early childhood programming can truly get in the way of what we truly want due to fear, old beliefs and negative thinking or programming. This is your time to shine and with this exercise you will truly believe in yourself.

Clean up your messes and Incompletes

If a cluttered desk is the sign of a cluttered mind, what is the significance of a clean desk?

-Laurence J Peter

American educator and author

Sometimes life tends to get in the way of our goals, and we will start one project only to leave it behind, because we got too busy with other things, an emergency, or we just didn´t have the motivation to complete it. This truly shows if you´ve been slacking off too much and making too many excuses to finish something, keep putting it on the shelf and tell yourself, I´ll finish it later. In Mexico we say MAÑANA! By finishing up what you start really shows you that you are committed to doing this. I´ve had many experiences where I would start something and stop and jump onto the next thing. But what it showed me was a broken track record. How can I trust or rely on myself if I say Im going to finish something and I don´t. So I made it my priority to really get serious about finishing the things I set out to do. I remember during my Yoga Training I sprained my ankle so bad I couldn´t finish that year. But two years later, I went back and I finished. To me that was a huge accomplishment because it showed me that, HEY I FINISHED AND MY WORD IS MY BOND! So if you are seeing yourself doing the same thing, This class is definitely for you. Usually what happens the reason why we don´t finish is either due to distractions or fear of failure. So Let´s fix this right now and get you back on track to fulfilling your obligations to YOURSELF! Once you Achieve your goals you will see how far you´ve climbed that big mountain full of obstacles due to your beliefs. 

Unleash The Power Goal Setting

If you want to be happy set a goal to command your thoughts, liberate your energy, and inspire your hopes. 

-Andrew Carnegie The richest man in America in the early 1900s

As high Achievers we set goals and go after them without allowing fear to hold us back! In order to do this you need to make your goals a priority and believe in yourself that yes YOU CAN ACHIEVE THEM! As high achievers we take many risks, no matter how many times we fail, we get back up and keep going. It is better to have more failures than less failures, because without those failures, how would you ever learn to really hone in on your skills, to know yourself and know what you are capable of? As entrepreneurs for 14 years, I knew in order to make my dreams come true, I had to WORK ON MYSELF FIRST. I had to work on my visions, and really stay focused and disciplined in going after what I was put here to do! I´ve had many setbacks failures, but it only made me so much stronger to keep going no matter what others would say about me, that I had to settle for less in life. No way, because I believed in ME. I knew I had to carve out my destiny and make a mark in this world while I was here. Same with you. What goal are you yearning to achieve? Are you ready to go after it inspite of obstacles, etc? Are you ready to make your mark in this world and leave a powerful legacy? We are all Heroes of our own story did you know this? We demonstrate to you through these powerful exercises that yes you can DO IT! And it may even shock you! Lets Go!

Just Lean into It Take Action

¨You can´t cross a sea by merely staring into the water.¨

-Rabindranath Tagore

What are you trying to do? Accomplish in life? Whatever it is you wish to do, try something that will get you closer to your dreams! Its time to take action and move closer to your dreams. When you make yourself open to the various opportunities around you and have the will to do whatever it takes to pursue your dreams without any expectations, or promise of success. You just take action, You go for it no matter what, You get a feeling of how it feels to be in this specific environment instead of sitting on the sidelines waiting for things to happen for you. You have to take deliberate action yourself and create a way, its up to you! Are you tired of dreaming, hoping and praying for something good to happen to you? Watching the months, years go by, telling yourself, I wish I could´ve would´ve etc?

Release the Brakes

¨Everything you want is just outside your comfort zone¨

-Robert Allen

Coauthor of the One Minute Millionaire

Have you been holding onto negative beliefs? Fears? Conditions preventing you from moving forward. Don´t you sometimes wish you can just LET GO OF THE BRAKE and fly down the hill to your goal! When we are in our comfort zone life tends to get stale, boring, and stagnant. This is a sign from the universe you are not living up to your full potential and you need more challenge in your life for growth and expansion! How would you know what is on the other side if you just let go a bit! Successful folks have discovered that instead of using increased willpower as the engine to power their success, its just much easier to release the brakes by letting go and replacing their limiting beliefs with more empowering beliefs, by changing their self images and by replacing negative emotions like fear, guilt, anger and shame. We have powerful exercises that will help you remove these ugly emotions and beliefs and bring you back to centerpointe. 

See What You Want, Get What You See

¨Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life´s coming attractions¨

-Albert Einstein

Winner, Nobel Prize for Physics

Visualization or Imagination, using the power of your thoughts, feelings, by creating compelling pictures in your mind, may be the most underrated success tool you possess because it greatly accelerates the achievement of any success in three powerful ways. 

1. Visualization activates the creative powers of your subconscious mind

2. Visaulization focuses your brain by programming its reticular activating system RAS to notice available resources that were always there but were previously unnoticed. 

3. Visualization through the Law of Attraction magnetizes and attracts to you the opportunities, people resources, you need to achieve your goal. 

We always use the power of imagination to create the world we wish. Check out Neville Goddard´s work ¨Power of Awareness¨. He states that you realize you are the Great I AM after all and are consciousness. We are consciousness and what we focus on our mind becomes, (The Science of Getting Rich). Which is very true. 

Ask Ask Ask! Reject Rejection!

¨You´ve got to Ask. Asking is, in my opinion, the world´s most powerful and neglected secret to success in happiness¨

-Percy Ross

Self-made Millionaire and Philanthropist

Do you know that history is filled with examples of incredible riches and astounding benefits people have received simply by asking for them? But to our surprise, many people are just afraid to ask. They are afraid fo being rejected and have other fears and beliefs to have already created a block within them which truly holds them back from achieving their goals in life. By not asking for the information, assistance, money or support and the time you need to fulfill your vision you are preventing yourself from making your dreams come true. 

Mastermind your way to success

¨When two or more people coordinate in a spirit of harmony and work toward a definite objective or purpose, they place themselves in position, through the alliance, to absorb power directly from the great storehouse of Infinite Intelligence¨

-Napolean Hill

Author of Think and Grow Rich

The process of Masterminding, is one of the most powerful tools for success. Many of the high achievers, Billionaires, Millionaires know the powerful potential of masterminding. When you openly communicate your dreams and goals in a harmonious group you are speaking what you want into existence. This motivates and inspires the group to act towards a common goal together manifesting your dreams even quicker! This is what I learned from one of my gurus who made it very important to meet every week to mastermind on what we wish to achieve and we would do this over the phone or internet. Just that alone was powerful, we saw miracles happen before our eyes. 

The Passion Test

So what are your passions in life? If you can do what you love to do and make money doing it what would it be? If you are unsure what that is, we can help you to find exactly what lights your fire! Many of us may not have any idea what this passion is. Once you are done with this powerful exercise you will be amazed what this thing is that you were meant for!

Act As If / Law of Assumption

¨Believe and Act as if it were impossible to fail. 

-Charles F Kettering

Inventor with over 140 Patents honorary Doctorates from nearly 30 universities

When you act as if, you use the Law of Assumption, You assume you are already that successful person you wish to be. A good movie to watch is ¨Inventing Anna¨ a true story of an immigrant woman who moved to New York and imagined she was a German Heiress to grab the influence of those who were in high positions to help her fulfill her dreams. She acted the part and made many friends and made such an impact they even made a movie about her. 

When you know you are consciousness you know you are capable of so much more in your life. According to Neville Goddard´s work ¨Imagination is everything¨. We believe too much that we are this person that society wants us to be, so we play that roll and get a little too comfortable with it. 

When you act as if, you think, act, talk like, even dress the part and feel as though you are already that person you see yourself becoming. Acting as if sends a powerful command to the Subconscious mind to find creative ways to achieve your goals. This programs the reticular activating system RAS in your mind to start noticing things that will help you succeed which also sends strong messages to the universe that this end goals is something you really want!

We will hold a Cocktail Party Event in the Evening interviewing each person dressed up and acting the part of who they see themselves in 3 to five years from now. 

Use Feedback to your Advantage

¨Feedback is the Breakfast of Champions. 

-Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson

Coauthors of The One Minute Manager

This is such an important part of class. Once you begin to take action, you´ll start getting feedback from your environment whether you are doing the right thing or not. You will receive maybe advice, help, suggestions, direction, and even possibly criticism that will help you adjust and move forward while continually enhancing your knowledge, abilities, attitudes and relationships. This shows that once we start on our journey and there will be plenty of opportunity to respond to feedback. If we can continue on track to our goals rather being distracted by the many things that can dissuade us from our passions in life, we will eventually get to our goals and achieve our dreams. This can be due to set backs, emergencies, or bad habits and noticing a constant pattern that prevents us from moving forward in life. In order to move forward beyond this obstacle you will break free and see progress in your life. I am grateful for the many students who have worked with me through out the years who gave me critical feedback to better serve them with the courses and events I created through out the years. If I would respond in a negative way, I would have never gotten this far in life.

October 23rd 10 am to 4pm est Grey Magick

We are devoting this day on learning the power of true magick! Yes, Real HARRY POTTER STUFF! Yes Magick is very very real, the Elite perform their rituals during each equinox and solstice religiously because they themselves know the power of working with the forces of nature and the spirit world. 

As a practicing Magickian in Ceremonial and High Magick for 30 years, former Member of the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn whose lineage is from Israel Regardie, an initiate of the Stellar Mautina Order an offshoot of the Original Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn that began in 1888,  and who was Aleister Crowley's secretary, I find it extremely essential to learn to Master the forces within ourselves and without by applying the power of ritual magick to seduce the subconscious mind to create the world you dream of. 

I will show you all of the tools you will need to be better equiped to handle the macrocosm of the matrix to bend to your will. We will be going over the correspondences of the planets, colors, crystals, scents, to put together powerful kabbalistic talismans used to obtain wealth, success, good health, etc, and amulets which are used to protect yourself from negativity, curses, bad habits, guilt, low confidence.

Don't worry, we only teach white, and grey magick here, no evil magick lol This is ancient magick that came from the gnostics, Hermes, Egyptians, the magi's and ancient judaism known as the Kabbalah. You have already learned white magick on Saturday through the success principles. 

This ancient wisdom was hidden for centuries from the Roman Catholic Church from persecution. Rome did not want their slaves to know such forbidden knowledge. So for thousands of years these works of art was hidden by the mystery schools, until the day when humanity would evolve and would allow these teachings to come forth to the public. This is what many of the mystery schools taught to prevent this ancient wisdom from being lost for good. Now it is our turn and our time to utilize these powerful Principles such as the hermetic principles, and laws of the universe once again assist us by balancing out the ego or lower selves with the Great I Am and connect with our higher genius which is our divine selves, the God within. 

In this part of the session we will put you through a powerful meditation hypnosis to connect you with your higherself to experience the feeling of that essence of who you truly are. As a Certified Quantum Healing Hypnotherapist, I Druanna have helped so many folks connecting them with their past lives and be healed by their higher selves. Instead of putting you through your past lives as a group, I will connect you straight to Home, your higher consciousness. You will know the difference of Being your true authentic self compared to the Ego self. With this experience you will no longer be the same again and realize you are one with everything. 

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Success in Traveling to many countries after applying these Powerful Principles!

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