Our Bylaws


Ravenmoonshadow Temple

We are a nonprofit pagan wiccan church based in California. It is eclectic from many traditions of Wicca, the Craft, hermeticism, Kabbalah, Egyptian, shamanic, earth based spirituality.

A. Our mission and purpose is:

  1. To live in perfect harmony with mother Gaia and source of all, (genie) and our Creator/Creatress, Lord and Lady, Isis, and Ra, they who come in many names represent the feminine and masculine aspects of ourselves and Our higher genius, (genie), higher mind. With this we move into our true will and higher truth as we are all Ancient Gods and Goddesses who are infinite and are here to make a difference on this planet.

  2. Explore practice our Spiritual beliefs of Wicca, Hermeticism, and traditions with a primary focus on the traditions of Ancient Egypt, and the British Isles.

  3. Support one another within our Temple as we evolve through the alchemical healing of ourselves, growth and aspirations.

  4. Hold Wiccan Rituals on the Sabbats and Esbats and other special occasions, in order to celebrate the seasons, work magic, recognise rites of passage, and honour the Lady and the Lord.

  5. Honor the Earth whom we represent as Mother Gaia and see all sentient beings as Sacred, and work to heal and protect the environment within our community, throughout our nation, and across the world.

  1. Teach Wiccan, Hermetic Principles, and traditional skills to our members, students, who we see as our brothers and sisters of the Craft.

  2. Wherever is appropriate, to educate the general public about Wicca, Metaphysics, and Hermeticism.

B. Commitment: All members of this Temple must have fully committed themselves to this purpose in their beliefs, their activities and their lives.

II. Membership
A. Qualifications: Membership shall be offered to individuals upon recommendation of the High Priestess and High Priest and consensus of all initiates (full members) of the Temple. No person shall be denied access to the membership on the basis of gender, race, ethnic background, sexual preference, physical handicap, or age providing they have attained their majority.

B. Degrees of Participation and Membership: Participants in the programs sponsored by this Temple may include the following:

  1. Guests: Interested parties who may attend all open activities, and temple-only activities in the company of an initiate, with the consent of other initiates and attendance.

  2. Congregants: Persons who consider themselves to walk the Wiccan path, and participate in and support the open activities of the congregation.

  3. Dedicants: Persons who have dedicated themselves to study the path of Wicca and who, with the approval of all active initiates, are following the prescribed course of study in the Temple.

4. Membership in the Temple itself shall be limited to:
a. All members who have signed up for our Temple.
b. Neophyte Initiates: Persons who have been active in

our Temple, for at least 3-6 months and have met all the requirements for initiation as defined by our Temple Council.

c. Earth 2nd Degree Initiates: Persons who have been active in the Temple, for at least 6 months to 1 year and have met all the requirements for this degree.

d. Air 3rd Degree Initiates: Persons who have been active in the Temple, for at least 2 years and have met all the requirements for this degree.

e. Water 4th Degree Initiates: Persons who have been active in the Temple, for at least 3 years and have met all the requirements for this degree.

  1. Fire 5th Degree Initiates: Persons who have been active in the Temple, for at least 4 years and have met all the requirements for this degree.

  2. Spirit 6th Degree Initiates: Person who have been active in the Temple for at least 5 years.

  3. Inner Temple Initiates: Persons who have been part of our temple and have gone through all of the levels of initiation and has proven themselves to be honourable and respectful to the Temple and its members, The High Priestess and High Priest.

C. Membership Status: Any persons membership or participation may be suspended, or terminated by decision

of the Temple Council, either for lack of attendance or participation

III. Administration and Operation
A. Temple Council: This body shall handle the ordinary

business of the Temple.
1. Membership: The Temple Council shall consist of

all initiates (full members) of the temple. Dedicants may be invited to attend and participate in Council meeting as well.

2. Scope: The council shall discuss all matters of: a. Program planning and activites,
b. Dedication, initiation, and membership

c. Budget and financial, and
d. Outreach, networking, and affiliations.

  1. Facilitation: The High Priestess shall ordinarily chair meetings of the Council. Where she is absent, or chooses to delegate this responsibility, the High Priest shall chair the meeting.

  2. Method of operation: The Temple Council shall make decisions by consensus. When consensus cannot be reached, the Council may refer the decision to the High Priestess, (or in her absence, the High Priest), who shall consider all that has been discussed and make the decision.

  3. Meetings: The Council shall meet at least quarterly on a regular basis.

B. Offices and Duties: The following offices shall be filled the the Temple Council whenever a vacancy occurs.

1. High Priestess: Chairs the Temple Council, coordinates the teaching program, provides

counselling as necessary, leads the rituals or

provides resources to those doing so, supervises the work of the Officers, directs the initiation of candidates to the Priesthood, supervises the work

of the candidates for each degree status, represents the Temple to the Craft and the public; enhances the inner strength and harmony of the Temple, provide overall guidance to the work of the Temple; and exercises final authority regarding

ritual; initiation, ordination, and the other

religious matters.
2. High Priest: Chairs the Coven Council in the

absence, or at the request of, the High Priestess; teaches; provides counselling as necessary; helps to lead the rituals or provide resources to those

doing so; assists in supervising the work of the other officers; shares the responsibility for initiation candidates to the priesthood; assists in

the preparation of candidates to the priesthood; assists in the preparation for the candidates for the five degree status; represents the coven to the Craft and the public; leads in the defence of the Temple where worldly dangers threaten it: and supports and encourages the High Priestess in the performance of her duties.

  1. Maiden: Assists the High Priestess with rituals and his other responsibilities, and assumes the duties of the High Priest in his absence.

  2. Summoner: Assists the High Priest with the Rituals and his other responsibilities, and assumes the duties of the High Priest in his absence.

  3. Ritual Leaders, Project Leaders, and Trip Leaders:

Coordinate design, logistics, and implementation of temple events. These positions are vacated at the conclusion of each event. A team may share

responsibility for any given event.
6. Scribe Keeps minutes of Council meetings,

handles correspondence as requested. Keeps

records of Temple projects, rituals and activities 7. Additional, temporary offices may be created and

filled as the Temple Council deems necessary. C. Guidelines for Conduct: All Dedicants and members

shall be guided in the conduct by the Wiccan Rede, the Law of Return, a New Wiccan Book of the Law, and by the Goddess and God within each person.

IV. Meeting Schedule

A. Rituals

  1. Esbats shall normally be held on the evening of the New Moon and the Full Moon.

  2. Sabbats may be held on their actual date or on the weekend nearest, as determined by the Temple Council, except that Samhain shall always be celebrated on the night of October 31.

  3. Once scheduled, a date shall not be changed.

  4. During the clement weather, rituals shall normally

    be held outdoors at a site established by the Council. During inclement weather, members ́ rituals shall normally be he’d in the coven stead, at other members ́ homes, or in a public place selected by Temple.

B. Classes

1. Introductory seminars and other classes open to the public shall be offered at such times and places as the Council decides.

2. Classes for Dedicants and members shall beheld at least twice each month, on a schedule determined by the Council.

3. The curricula shall be established by the Temple


4. Special classes which are part of an M.A. or ordination program shall be arranged according to the needs of those involved.

5. Classes shall be held at the covenstead, or such other location as the High Priestess designates.

6. No fees shall be charged for classes that are part of the regular curriculum of the coven and


C. Field trips and special events shall be held at such times and place as the Council decides.

V. Attendance

A. New Moon estates shall be open only to Dedicants, Initiates, and approved guests. Full Moon estates shall be open the community.

B. Sabbats shall be open to all who are friendly to the Craft; except that the Temple Council may schedule a second, temple only celebration on or near selected Sabbats.

C. Classes shall be designated open only to Dedicants and initiates of this Temple or open to all within the community, by the Temple Council.

D. Dedicants and Initiates are expected to Participate in Esbats, Sabbats and classes.

VI. Finances

A. Temple income shall include donations, profits from fundraising, projects, and interest from banking accounts, if any, established by the Council.

B. The budget shall be established and disbursements approved by the Council

C. The Temple shall make a full quarterly report of income and expenses to the Council.

D. All required forms and reports shall be filed with the state and federal governments as required to maintain the church’s legal status.

VII. Privacy of Members

A. The names, addresses, telephone numbers, and other information relation to individual members shall be considered confidential and mayn’t be disclosed to non- members without the permission of the individual involved.

B. Disclosure of confidential information may, at the discretion of the Council, be considered a violation of the Temple´s rules and grounds for expulsion from membership.

VIII. Revising the B-Laws

A. Any part of these By-laws may be amended by consensus of the Temple Council.