About Us 


Dr Druanna Wails name has changed to Iyanifa Ifakemi of Oshun as an initiate of Ifa, a Yoruban religion of Africa. She has dabbled into many spiritual paths such as Wicca, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, Santeria, Buddhism, the Left hand and Right hand paths, Kabbalah, Hermeticism, and felt more at home with the Orishas, and Ifa tradition. Her first initiation began in 2012 in Seattle Washington. She will be doing the full initiation in Nigeria this year 2021. With this spiritual achievement all she wants to do is good for all of humanity to make this world a better place through education on African Spirituality, Metaphysics, Personal Alchemy, Herbalism, and the Science of Wealth Creation, as Children of Oludamare, God, we all have the right to be abundant on this planet not only a few. It takes education to get there!

Darren Wails her husband is also an initiate of the Yoruban tradition and assists his wife in guiding others to transform their lives and be the best versions of themselves! He is a world traveler and thrives on the excitement of learning about other cultures, and Ancient civilizations. He experienced many adventures and traveled many countries tapping into the ancient past. He is an empath, telepath, and is an international Dj from Europe.