About Us 


Dr Rev Druanna Wails an intuitive Empath, Ordained Minister with the University of Sedona and Metaphysics, and High Priestess of Ravenmoonshadow Temple and world traveler. She comes from a long line of witches from both sides of the family. Her mexican grandmother, who is part Romanian, was a psychic reader and herbalist, and her mothers side Scottish-German who was a renowned clairvoyant and herbalist. Dr Druanna Wails carries that same power of manifestation and more. She´s been a practitioner of Magick, and the Craft since the age of 17. She now passes her tradition down to her family. Both her children are very psychic with the ability to channel and see and communicate with entities. She practices all shades of magick when needed. 

 Her mission is to Guid others to tap into their own power and infinite consciousness. She had an awakening in Giza Egypt in October 2017 where she was led to the Pyramid of Cheops where she experienced her past life. She is also a Past Life Regressionist, Akashic Healing Hypnotist helping others connect with their soul and their superconscious mind. 

Darren Wails is the High Priest of Ravenmoonshadow Temple assisting his wife Druanna in guiding others to transform their lives and be the best versions of themselves! He is a world traveler and thrives on the excitement of learning about other cultures, and Ancient civilizations. He experienced many adventures and traveled many countries tapping into the ancient past.  He is also an international Dj from Europe.