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Welcome to our Magickal and Ecclectic Pagan temple guiding others to create the reality they wish through the power of meditation, the Craft, Spell Crafting, mastering the power of the mind, Law of Attraction and hypnotherapy. 

We will be moving this site over to a private members site by monthly subscription to keep our community our members safe and secure. We honor freedom of speech and should be in a private safe place where our voices can be heard. 

Email: Ravenmoonshadowtemple@pm.me



Our Beliefs

We believe we are already God-Goddess and use the power of magick, spellcasting to create the life we desire! We are seen as witches, magickians, those who master the mind and are the creators of our own world. Magick is not something we do, its something we already are. 

We teach others to take back their power to be the creators they truly are rather than giving their power away to others! We practice Lefthand, Right hand path as all is one. 



February 11th New Moon Aquarius Spellwork

Fellow Magickians, you are all invited to our next New Moon in Aquarius spellworking! This is not fluffy bunny work. You are very welcome to work with any entity you prefer. I work with many of the Darker spirits because they get things done! My intention for this New Moon is to use this power to create a better world for my family and of course all humanity who have been wrongly suppressed by the Archons. We wish to empower all that are ready to take their magick to the next level and join us! Our Ravenmoonshadow Temple´s Tradition is powerful sorcerey, we call Sovereign Magick which is not for the light hearted. Only those who know their true power and wish to join forces with us to invoke some powerful forces to bring forth our desires which is in alignment with the Aquarian New Moon. Please sign up and donate here https://ravenmoonshadowtemple.com/meetings and we will send you the zoom link a day before the February 11th.

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