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Ravenmoonshadow Temple Inc.

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Ravenmoonshadow Temple based out of Las Vegas, NV. Founded by Darren & Dr. Druanna Wails.

We are a temple based on Azazalien & Luciferian Philosophy. We are Philosophical Magickians. We are NOT a religion.

Dr Druanna Wails is a Psychic Tarot Reader with the natural abilities of Clairvoyance, Empathic, Clairsentient for 35 years. 

She´s also a practicing black magickian and operates mainly on the left hand path. 


Please read below for the Principles of our Temple. 

Luciferians are Atheistic or Theistic in our beliefs. 

We break free from mind control, fear & religious propaganda and strive to be better versions of ourselves by taking care of our physical body, mental, spiritual and emotional health and utilitzing the power of magick. We are the Gods and Goddesses of our realm.

Dr. Druanna Wails is a doctor of Metaphysics and an ordained minister of the left hand path. She is a Psychic Intuitive and Tarot reader and Author.


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The Principles of The Ravenmoonshadow Temple


We are a temple based on Azazelianism and Luciferianism. We do not worship any entities however we see them as our kin and guides to and Archetypes. 

We do not believe in any Gods or Masters above us that we need to worship and beg. That is only for the slave religions.

We see Lucifer as the light bearer who was identified with Greek mythology!

In Greek mythology, Lucifer is known as the "light-bringer" or "light-bearer." He is often associated with the morning star, representing the first light of dawn. Lucifer is believed to have been a minor deity or celestial responsible for bringing light to the world, symbolizing hope and new beginnings.

One interesting aspect of Lucifer's role in Greek mythology is his association with the god Apollo. Apollo, the god of light, music, and prophecy, shares similar attributes with Lucifer. Both are linked to the concept of illumination and enlightenment.

Another significant connection in Greek mythology is the association between Lucifer and the goddess Diana Luciferah of Ephesus. Diana Luciferah, often identified with the moon goddess Artemis, embodied feminine power, fertility, and protection.

Unlike the negative connotations associated with Lucifer in later Christian beliefs, the Greek mythology portrays him positively.

Lucifer represents the hope and beauty accompanying the arrival of a new day, infusing the world with light and warmth. His presence signifies the beginning of cool pastures and the promise of a fruitful day ahead.


What is Lucifereian Philosophy?



















Luciferianism is a belief system that is sometimes associated with Satanism but focuses on the deification and liberation of the self.

Here are a few key principles that are often associated with Luciferianism:

1. **Individualism**: Luciferianism emphasizes the importance of the individual and the pursuit of personal growth and enlightenment.

2. **Seeking knowledge**: Luciferians are encouraged to seek knowledge, wisdom, and self-improvement.

3. **Personal responsibility**: Luciferians believe in taking responsibility for their own actions and choices.

4. **Opposition to authoritarianism**: Luciferians often reject traditional authority and seek to break free from societal norms and restrictions.

5. **Embracing change and transformation**: Luciferianism is often associated with concepts of change, transformation, and evolution.

6. **Balance of light and darkness**: Luciferians may see value in exploring both light and darkness within themselves and the world.

7. **Self-deification**: Some Luciferians may strive for self-deification, seeing themselves as divine or striving for godlike qualities.

What is Azazelian Philosopy?

The Azazelian philosophy is a set of beliefs that highlights the importance of independence, self-reliance, and the quest for personal freedom and empowerment. It promotes thinking critically, challenging authority, and breaking away from societal norms and boundaries. Named after Azazel, a rebellious figure in Judeo-Christian tradition, this philosophy symbolizes the embrace of one's authentic self and aspirations without hesitation or shame.


Key tenets of Azazelian philosophy encompass:


1. Individuality: Celebrating each person's unique essence and self-governance.

2. Independence: Endorsing self-sufficiency and autonomy.

3. Freedom of choice: Supporting the right to make decisions and pursue one's aspirations.

4. Critical analysis: Esteeming reasoning and challenging conventional beliefs and standards.

5. Resistance: Embracing divergence and opposition to oppressive structures.

6. Empowerment: Cultivating belief in one's capacities and possibilities.

7. Authenticity: Prioritizing genuine self-representation and candor.

8. Embracing passion: Recognizing and embracing one's genuine desires and interests without restraint.

9. Guilt rejection: Discouraging feelings of disgrace or regret linked to personal decisions and behaviors.

10. Quest for wisdom: Valuing education and continual enlightenment to widen perspectives and comprehension.


Incorporating critical thinking into daily life through the lens of Azazelian philosophy involves several practical approaches:


1. Questioning Authority: Challenge assumptions, directives, and established norms to cultivate independent thought and discernment.

2. Analyzing Information: Evaluate sources of information, scrutinize claims, and seek evidence to develop a well-informed perspective.

3. Seeking Diverse Perspectives: Engage with different viewpoints, cultural narratives, and experiences to broaden understanding and enhance critical thinking skills.

4. Problem-Solving: Approach challenges with creativity, logical reasoning, and strategic thinking to navigate complexities effectively.

5. Reflective Practice: Regularly assess and critique your beliefs, actions, and motivations to foster self-awareness and intellectual growth.

6. Constructive Debate: Engage in respectful discussions, debates, and dialogues to explore diverse viewpoints and refine your own arguments.

7. Research and Exploration: Delve into various subjects, explore new ideas, and conduct research to deepen knowledge and enhance critical analysis.

8. Decision-Making: Evaluate choices, weigh pros and cons, and consider long-term implications to make informed decisions aligned with your values and objectives.

9. Mindful Awareness: Cultivate mindfulness in daily interactions, attentively observing and analyzing situations to facilitate clear thinking and rational decision-making.

10. Continuous Learning: Embrace opportunities for lifelong learning, acquire new skills, and stay curious to nurture intellectual agility and adaptability in diverse circumstances.


The Power of Ritual & Magick

8. We see the power in practicing Magick to manipulate the reality we live to conform to our desires!

9. One´s own body is inviolable , subject to one´s own will alone, unless permission is given.

10. We support and protect Mother Nature and her inhabitants.

11. We engage in rituals to align with natural rhythms of life marked by lunar phases and seasonal cycles.

12. Our intelligence entails a responsibility to live harmoniously with nature, respecting the balance it offers.

13. We acknowledge a profound power beyond the ordinary, inherent in all. This Creative Power manifests through polarities, masculine and feminine, within all individuals.

14. We value and balance these energies in magical practices. We acknowledge both outer and inner worlds, recognizing the interplay between them in paranormal and magical phenomena.

15. We reject authoritarian hierarchies, instead honoring knowledge-sharing, wisdom, and courageous leadership.

16. Religion, magic, and life wisdom are intertwined in our worldview and lifestyle known as WitchCraft & Luciferianism

17. We do not worship any entities such as Lucifer or Satan. We instead see these archetypes as a symbol of liberation and freedom as well as powerful entities. We see them as our kin and guides. These beings, and the demonic are the Ancient pagan Gods that came thousands of years before judeo Christianity demonized them.


18. We welcome Satanists, Atheists, Anarchists, Witches and Pagans, anyone who vibes with this movement. 

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Books to read to learn more about Luciferianism


Books by Dr. Druanna Wails *Johnston*

These books are based on the Right Hand path, my earlier works but very informative and a great foundation to becoming a Magickian. A True Magickian masters both sides. My next book on Azazlian Magick is coming very soon!

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