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We are now taking donations for our Temple for our members, Sunday Lectures, spiritual meetings and ritual work $10 or above for our spiritual meetings. We begin next Sunday May 31st 7pm PDT. We meet via Zoom and the invite link is sent a day before our meeting. 

Welcome to Ravenmoonshadow Temple a Private Nonprofit Magickal, Pagan, Wiccan Temple based out of California, Usa. We meet online for our monthly meetings (once lockdown is lifted). 

We also hold live webinars, workshops and ecourses, meditation circles, come together for esbat and Sabbat! Our mission is to educate and empower other pagans of their true inner power, to enhance their psychic abilities, manifestation abilities, discover our true God/Goddess self and know we are a reflexion of God and Goddess. We are an ecclectic type Temple/Church mixed with Wicca Earth based spirituality, paganism, esoteric studies, and higher mind training. Blessings!!!

Our Main Mission 

To educate the public of the old religion, Wicca, The Craft, and other Magickal Traditions, where we all live in harmony with Gaia, the environment and our animal brothers and sisters. 


To create a new earth on this planet with respect to all living things, and Gaias inhabitants.

Ravenmoonshadow Temple - Wiccan Pagan Church coming together to educate our members through our spiritual teachings of the old religion, the old ways of the craft. We come together for ritual work, meditation circles, Sabbats, and Esbats

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