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We have gone through so many changes since 2020 due to the Covid Pandemic, which has been an absolute blessing! Our Temple has expanded greatly thanks to some amazing people we have met along the way who have taught us the power of true wealth creation, new ecosystems and infrastructures! We have now partnered up with the ¨Streamlined Consulting Services¨  who are assisting many of our members to get the funding that they need to get their projects going, to make their visions become a reality in following their passions. We are super grateful to be working with an amazing group who will be creating their Waste Plants on a global scale turning waste into energy! Turning waste barren deserts into fertile lands to grow crops for those who are in need. If you would like to learn more about our Partner please read our recent

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This is what Ravenmoonshadow Temple stands for! To assist with the expansion of human Consciousness and FINANCIAL FREEDOM. You can achieve greatness by letting go of fear, following your passion, believing in yourself and of course Source, God, Goddess, whatever name you wish to call this amazing force. Its because of this amazing force I am still alive today. Ravenmoonshadow Temple has come along way on its journey. We have learned to adapt to the many new changes happening on our planet today. We´ve assisted in educating our members on becoming true Ambassadors to think for themselves and also use their great vision to create solutions to global issues. Where everyone gets to benefit from.


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